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60, retired attorney, widowed at 50, progressive in most of my politics. more

Born in 1954, when we lived in the country with my grandparents, in Blanchard LA. I was the reason we finally got inside plumbing! Had to borrow a nanny goat from relative up in Arkansas to milk for me to sleep thru the night and grow. Daddy was a postman [under Eisenhower low wages] in the day time and managed a grocery store at night. Mama worked at Southern Bell as a Customer Rep. He was 22, she was 21. Little sister was born 5 years later, and we moved to town [Shreveport, LA]. It was easy to make good grades for me, so I grew up and went to college on scholarships. Met the love of my life, Marnelle, at 18 and married at 22. Went to law school and she worked while I studied. Enjoyed life. Moved back to Shreveport and practiced law for about 20 years, before suffering brain injury, causing physical problems. Had our children during that time. Marnelle had 1st hear attack and bypass at 37; 2nd BP at 45, and then passed at 50. My injury had caused me to close my practice at age 45; We still had a very happy life. I continue to be happy in my life, though times are harder on disability now than when I was able to be in business for myself. My daughters have moved out now, but my son, who is very smart, but suffers from severe case of Tourette's Syndrome lives with me. I am now blind in right eye, and have glaucoma and diminished vision in left eye, so I can no longer drive. My son, Jared, is the best person I have ever known. While he continues his studies in computers, he takes care of me, as needed and drives me to appointments, and has never made me feel like a burden. We both go to church and are very happy there, and enjoy the benefit of a church family as close or closer than my blood relations. I am very anxious about the future of my life. When younger, I was very politically minded. I still am, but live in an area where almost all my friends believe differently about government than I do. I still love to research , not only politics, but Medicine, Science [my undergraduate was in Biology, minors in chemistry and Psychology]. I like being able to research things BEFORE I go to a doctor these days, without going into all my health problems, and understanding not only what they are talking about, but understanding homeopathic and nutritional alternative treatments as well. Also to be certain that THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT. TOO OFTEN THEY DO NOT! I also enjoy my study of genealogy and meeting cousins I didn't know about, and reading about ancestors as far back as 1000 years ago. Finally I love to study the Scriptures to keep myself grounded in the truth by which I try to live.


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